Wristwatch Etiquette: Essential rules for men who wear watches


For many men, wearing a wristwatch goes beyond just keeping track of time—it’s a statement of style, personality, and professionalism.

The way a man wears a watch can provide a glimpse into his character, taste, and social standing. Thus, understanding wristwatch etiquette is essential for those wanting to make the right impression.

Matching the Occasion

A watch should always match the occasion. When attending formal events, a sleek dress watch in subtle colours like silver, gold, or black should be a choice. Casual gatherings may call for something more relaxed, such as a leather-banded analog timepiece. Meanwhile, for athletic or outdoor adventures, sporty watches with durable straps are appropriate. Either way what you need to do is explore Jomashop men watches’ collection and take a perfect pick.

Proper Fit and Sizing

Ensuring your watch fits correctly is fundamental. The watch should sit comfortably on the wrist, not too tight that it leaves an imprint, and not so loose that it slides up and down. The face of the timepiece shouldn’t overshadow the wrist but should be easily visible and proportional.

Complimenting Outfits

Your watch should complement your outfit, both in colour and style. A silver watch pairs well with cool-toned clothing, while gold matches warm-toned outfits. When wearing leather shoes or belts, consider matching the timepiece strap for a cohesive look.

Dress Code Awareness

Dress codes dictate the appropriateness of watch types. Black-tie events require dress watches—those elegant, timeless pieces that are understated yet luxurious. For business attire, a classic timepiece with simple features is ideal. Casual wear allows for more flexibility, making room for sportier and more experimental designs.

Appropriate Watch Choices

Different settings call for different timepiece types. Dress watches are best for formal occasions, while rugged dive watches are perfect for a day at the beach. Chronographs, with their intricate dials, strike a balance between style and functionality. And while digital watches are practical, analog ones are generally more suitable for formal gatherings.

Maintenance and Care

Watches are investments and should be treated as such. Regular cleaning, timely servicing, and proper storage ensure your timepiece remains in pristine condition. After all, a well-maintained watch from a renowned brand, say from Jomashop’s wide collection, can even become a family heirloom.

Cultural and Social Considerations

Different cultures have varying perceptions about watches. In some cultures, gifting a watch can signify a wish for long life, while in others, it might be seen as counting down the time. Always consider cultural norms and signals when choosing a timepiece for an event or as a gift.

Gifting and Receiving Watches

Watches make for thoughtful gifts. When gifting, consider the recipient’s taste and lifestyle. If receiving a timepiece, regardless of personal preference, always express genuine appreciation for the thought behind it. Remember, watches from esteemed retailers lik