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This post is sponsored by Hill City and ShopStyle.

Combining fashion with comfort and functionality is not a trend anymore, it’s a movement that has found its place in fashion. We see it every day: a refined yet sporty, comfortable, functional and active look, that covers a myriad of different lifestyles. Catering to exactly that market is a new brand on the block: Hill City. The certified B corporation offers stylish, high-quality, sustainable pieces at an absolutely fair price point. They’re also the sponsor for today’s post, where we’re going to take a look at 3 ways to rock this active look, one of which walks the line between athletic and leisure perfectly in my opinion, and that’s the below.

The elements of the look are the Heavyweight Fleece Graphic Hoodie in off white, a navy thermal bomber jacket, a lightweight run pant, a merino cashmere beanie and a pair of performance socks. Honestly, this look just has me all sorts of excited for the fall, with some subtle layering, cozy fabrics and overall a look I could wear to school or a coffee shop, just as well as I could if I was heading off to the gym. Upon a closer look at the outfit though, the first thing you’ll notice is the minimal, timeless design of the pieces and how easily they work together. Yet underneath the surface is where the real value lies: the bomber, as the name describes, has lightweight PrimaLoft® Gold Active+ insulation that regulates temperature when transitioning between climates, and is water repellent. The active pants have four-way stretch, are also water repellent and wrinkle resistant. The socks are moisture wicking and odor fighting. The hoodie is made from organically grown cotton. The brand delivers on its philosophy in every piece they create.

In this video I’m exploring two more looks, one more casual, the other on the more athletic side of the spectrum: a 6 inch X-purpose short with the same characteristics as the active pants, a half-zip training top with quick dry and moisture wicking abilities, also 4-way stretch, and a waterproof hooded shell. Definitely athletic but taken apart the pieces work with a leisurely look just as well. The casual look is composed of a thermal light jacket with temperature-regulating PrimaLoft® Gold Active+, a moisture wicking and quick dry denim shirt with polyester for added movability, a basic supima cotton shirt, and the everyday pant in slim fit, which is not only water repellent, moisture wicking, stretchy and contains quick dry abilities yet again, but is also stretchy, comfy, and abrasion resistant. I think that may be the longest pant quality description I’ve ever written. Which goes to show how loaded with functionality these pieces really are!

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This post is Sponsored by Hill City and Shopstyle


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