Wedding Trend: Fake Wedding Cakes


Have you guys heard of the latest wedding trend? I have seen it at a few elaborate events but didn’t really pay it that much attention to recently when a friend of mine brought it up one day. She is a well-known baker in my area and she started telling me that couples have been opting out for fake wedding cakes. Its really all for show now but it’s been an industry secret for years. Probably around the time that I got married back in the late 90’s.

So what couples are doing is having a “dummy cake” instead of having a real cake, get it highly decorated but the whole time, the cake is not real! In the back of the venue or space, there’s a sheet cake waiting to be served already cut up and ready to go lol. So the stunning wedding cake sits on a pretty cake stand and it’s on display for everyone to see but never touched.

I recently went to a wedding and the same thing took place. Unexpected guests never had a clue that the cake never was cut because so many other things were going on at the time with all the distractions.

The cake can be made up entirely of fake layers or you can incorporate both real cake and fake cake layers, it all depends on what you want to do. Lots of couples love this idea because its just easier and especially with living here in the south where the weather is pretty brutal! So transporting a real cake and hoping and praying that it makes it to the destination safely is so stressful! With a fake cake, you put it in a box, take it to the destination and decorate it there, and boom you’re done!

The baker then has a sheet cake where all they have to do is slice it up and serve, easy breezy! I think its a brilliant idea and can save you money but it’s not for everyone! Depending on the design and how big you want your cake, the price can still equal out to the same amount, so you have to think about that as well because of time etc. Its a great idea depending on the budget and location for sure! Would you have a dummy cake at your wedding?