Best Tips to Healthy Hair at Home in 2023

Hair loss or hair thinning is a growing concern for both men as well as women. Every day you lose a certain amount of hair but that is quite common. There is no reason to feel concerned about a few hairs falling but you start seeing many strands or some strands on your pillow cover or a bunch of hair on your fingers, when you try to care for your strands then it definitely causes distress and worry. There could be many causes of hair loss which include dietary choices, nutrient deficiency, medications, underline medical conditions, stress, pollution, and genetics, another reason in men could be putting cap, hat, or helmet for a long time. We will share a holistic approach that definitely stops your hair fall problem and would promote new hair growth. Tips to Healthy Hair are here for you.

Tips for a Healthy Hair

1. Homemade Packs To Control Hair Fall

It is the most effective way to improve texture it strengthens the follicles and attains gorgeous thick hair, because the ingredients of natural and chemical free, they help to prevent hair loss and increase hair volume.

Avocado and Banana

The first hair pack could be avocado and banana that will moisturize and nourish frizzy hair, avocados are high in vitamin E, whereas bananas are loaded with potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates, and vitamins. All of it helps to prevent hair breakage.

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Take one medium size ripped avocado and one small ripped banana, and mash them nicely smash them nicely, next add one tablespoon full of olive oil to this paste. Mix this paste nicely and now massage on the head in a circular motion, covering the root and the tip,  after 30 to 40 minutes rinse your hair with Luke’s warm water and using a mild shampoo.

Amla, Shikaki  And Coconut Oil

This pack will help in preventing hair loss and getting thick hair. Amla is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and flavonoids, this hair care routine helps to promote hair growth. Shikaki helps to strengthen hair roots and coconut oil nourishes each hair follicle, which will prevent hair breakage.

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In a pan take 1 tablespoon full of Amla powder, and 1 tablespoon full of Shikaki powder, now add 2 tablespoon full of coconut oil and heat them on medium flame, once boiled strain and transfer the oil in the bowl, and let it come to Luke warm temperature, massage this oil into your scalp and wash your hair after an hour with cold or Luke warm water using a mild shampoo.

2. Oil Massage

Luke warm oil massage helps not only for thick hair growth but also helpful in good circulation of blood flow beneath the scalp. Common oil is olive oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, sesame seed oil, pumpkin oil, etc. It’s best hair caring tip today.

3. Hair Fall Reduction Concoction

The food we eat has an impact on the entire system including organ function, blood flow, nervous system, metabolic rate, and so on. As a result, it has definitely had an impact on the hair follicle.

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Concoction Method

Take one medium size beetroot boiled and chopped into pieces, one small carrot wash peel and chop,  two small apples peel and chop, one cucumber peel and chop, and a small piece of ginger. Grind all these ingredients and drink it twice a week. It will provides all the nutrients for healthy hair. If you continue eating unhealthy food your hair will lack nutrients as a result hair loss starts.

4. Reduce Stress In Life

It is one of the reason for hair fall. Continue doing yoga, and exercises. Always try to remain happy. Hair loss can be prevented through diet, yoga, oiling etc. If you care for your hair earlier and regularly then prevention is better than cure.

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