‘TOP BOY’ Celebrates Final Season During New York Fashion Week


The other night, influential NYC fashion and entertainment industry tastemakers attended an intimate dinner to celebrate the final season of british crime drama Top Boy. Guests gathered at Cathèdrale in NYC to kick off fashion week and bid farewell to the beloved show that will impact culture for years to come.

Attendees included Wendy Osefo (Real Housewives of Potomac), June Ambrose (Celebrity Stylist and Creative Director), Paul Rivera (The Shop), Lenny Santiago (Roc Nation), Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings (Earn Your Leisure), Ivie Ani (Award-Winning Journalist), Speedy Morman (COMPLEX), Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins (Media Personality), Aleali May (Designer, MAYDE), Cory Townes (Artist), Scottie Beam (Media Personality), Gianni Lee (Artist/Musician), Kéla Walker (TV Personality)  Blake Newby (Journalist), Jason Kpana (Tidal), Lezlie Wills (Producer), 19Keys (Entrepreneur) and more.

Some of New York City’s leading entertainment industry executives, fashion trailblazers, TV personalities and more gathered together over cocktails and a seated dinner as they celebrated the conclusion of this incredible show. Kicking off fashion week and showing off all of their incredible looks, guests bid farewell to Top Boy by toasting with Remy Martin Louis XIII. More inside

Rashad Bilal (Left) and Troy Millings

June Ambrose and friends


Wendy Osefo


Set on the fictional East London estate of Summerhouse, Top Boy is a crime drama that takes an unflinching look at the raw, dangerous world of drug dealing and the lives of those who live in the ends. It’s a look at the paradoxical aspiration and realities of those who are marginalised by society yet form a tight-knit community as they try to better their lives on the estate.

For Dushane and Sully, that’s about the relentless pursuit of building a drug empire to become Top Boy. But that puts a target on your back. Enemies can come from anywhere, loyalties are tested as trusted lieutenants can become snakes, and the unwritten rules of the road are always challenged. But these are the challenges you face as Top Boy. The question is: how long can you stay there?

Photo Credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Netflix