The “Rizz” Factor Shines As Older Women Embrace Relationships With Younger Men


While the younger generation has taken note (see Tik Tok) it’s older women dating younger men who should get credit for creating the rizz phenomenon. Exuding confidence from life experience and open-mindedness is nothing new to this group of ladies. Have you ever seen The Graduate, Stella Got Her Groove Back or American Pie?

A recent Cougar Life survey indicates younger men are fascinated by older women. In fact, 95% of men agree that an older woman can be just sexy or desirable to a man as a younger woman. Furthermore, 92% of men believe the qualities that make a woman sexy and desirable extend beyond youthfulness—making it clear older women are attractive beyond physical appearance.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Dr. Hill, a women’s health and sexual psychology expert, about the rizz phenomenon? I, myself get approached a lot by younger men which I’m really not that interested in. She answered a few questions that I had about why young men are attracted to older women, why women should embrace dating younger men and how long does relationships usually lastbetween both. See what Dr. Hill had to say inside…..

Why is there such an attraction between a younger man and older woman?

Recently, I teamed up with Ipsos and the dating site Cougar Life, to survey Americans about the benefits and drawbacks of female led age gap relationships. The results of the survey revealed there are a number of benefits each party gets from these special relationships.

American women report being drawn to the open mindedness (38%) and physical attractiveness (33%) of a younger partner, which is something that they may not be able to get from an older or similarly-aged partner. And for female users of Cougar Life (many of whom have experience dating younger men), the primary benefits of dating younger men are the sexual stamina (80% of respondents), attractiveness (73% of respondents), and open-mindedness of their younger partners (69%).

There are also a lot of benefits that younger men get from dating older women. In particular, the results of the recent research by Ipsos and Cougar Life find that men tend to be drawn to older women’s emotional maturity and sexual experience. Seventy-seven percent of Cougar Life users and 54% of randomly sampled American men report an older women’s emotional maturity is being a primary draw to these relationships. Men also reported being drawn to older women’s sexual experience and attentiveness in the bedroom, with 74% and 60% of male Cougar Life users, respectively, reporting these to be a draw to these relationships.

Why should older women even embrace dating a younger guy?

Younger men offer women a number of benefits women can’t get as readily from older or similarly aged partners, such as open-mindedness, attractiveness, and sexual stamina (see above). Now that women are no longer financially dependent on men, they have the opportunity to choose partners based on these sorts of benefits rather than based on qualities related to their economic dependence. Dating younger can be an opportunity for women to date for fun rather than necessity.

People with 10, 20, or more years between them can experience genuine romantic connections the same way people closer in age can. Just because heterosexual women are expected by society to form relationships with men who are older and more established than they are, it doesn’t mean they should – or will. Times have changed and so have women.


How long does a relationship usually last between a younger man and older woman?

This is something that we currently know less about than we should. I am working with Cougar Life on some new research to better understand the lifespan of these relationships. What the research does suggest, though, is that these relationships are really like any other, with most being born out of an organic connection between two people. So, I expect that we will find that they are similar to other non-age gap relationships in terms of longevity. Some will be short-term hookups and some will be love stories for the ages.