The Handbag clinic launches in Harrods

The luxury handbag restoration and preowned designer resale store, The Handbag Clinic, has teamed up with Harrods for an exciting in-store addition starting from September 1st. Known for their expertise in luxury aftercare and sustainability, The Handbag Clinic will seamlessly integrate their repair and restoration services into the Harrods experience. This collaboration allows customers to prolong the life of their luxury leather items in an eco-friendly way. The partnership highlights Harrods’ commitment to partners who share their sustainability goals, seen in Harrods Path—a program promoting conscious buying and aftercare practices.

Located on the fifth floor in ‘Shoe Heaven,’ The Handbag Clinic’s in-store presence enhances the post-purchase journey, providing confidence with a program that goes beyond standard warranties. The arrival of The Handbag Clinic at Harrods replaces the shoe repair service, expanding to offer services for a range of luxury leather items—handbags, luggage, small leather goods, shoes, sneakers, and leather clothing. This integration lets customers extend the life of newly acquired items with protective treatments or revive cherished possessions with in-store repair and restoration. Services include cleaning, conditioning, stain removal, heel tip replacement, scuff and tear repairs, zipper fixes, and more. The skilled artisans at The Handbag Clinic blend craftsmanship, technology, and innovation to achieve remarkable results.

The process is simple: customers drop off their leather goods at Harrods, where aftercare specialists assess requirements and send items securely to The Handbag Clinic’s Luxury Clinic. Skilled artisans perform the needed work, and customers can opt for home delivery or Harrods collection. Prices start at £19.95 for minor stitching and go up to £600+ for intricate restoration. A popular option is the comprehensive restoration at £255, including exterior and interior cleaning, wear and stain removal, stitching repairs, and a protective treatment for the leather.

With over 700 bags restored monthly, The Handbag Clinic’s artisans understand luxury brands and common wear and tear. A leader in innovation, the clinic has made strides with materials like Chanel lambskin and exotic leather, and developed specialised brand-specific restorations, like reviving Louboutin’s red sole or dyeing a Balenciaga City bag’s rope finish. Their research team develops techniques and technology, even collaborating with chemists for patented products.

CEO and Co-Founder of The Handbag Clinic, Charlotte Staerck, looks forward to partnering with Harrods, promoting longevity and sustainability. The collaboration improves aftercare, allowing luxury customers to shop sustainably and enjoy their purchases longer.

Josie Gardner, Head of Accessories and Shoes at Harrods, adds that Harrods aims to provide top-tier products and specialised services. The Handbag Clinic’s expertise aligns with Harrods’ mission to extend the life of customers’ cherished items. Whether reviving a vintage piece or fixing well-worn shoes, The Handbag Clinic on Harrods’ fifth floor ensures quality service.

Operating in London, Newcastle, Colchester, and York, The Handbag Clinic is the UK’s oldest luxury restoration and preowned retailer. With a ‘Buy, Sell, Restore, Authenticate’ model, it blends restoration with authentication and resale, catering to conscious luxury enthusiasts. The Handbag Clinic preserves the past and champions sustainable luxury.