Strong Banana Advantages for Women Skin, Health and Hairs

Bananas are one of the world’s most engaging organic fruit. The scientific name of banana is Musa Paradisiaca Linn which means “fruit of wise men”. Bananas are normally radioactive which makes them remarkable in fruit kingdom. We are going to discuss about some health and nutrient benefits of bananas. Some of the amazing Banana Benefits for Women are here which you must to know.

Banana Benefits for Women Skin

Banana Benefits for Women Skin, Health and Hairs

Production of Banana

A banana plant quits delivering new leaves and grows a bloom spike when it is developed. Bananas float in water since they are less thick in examination like no other fruit. Bananas develop on plants that are formally considered as spices in nature. The banana has generally delegated a berry. In Philippines, bananas are utilized to make ketchup instead of tomatoes.

Scientifically Benefit for Body

Human share around 50% of our DNA with bananas. Bananas are primarily made up of carbohydrates with 27 grams per medium banana (defined as 7″ to 77/8″ long). The glycemic index for bananas ranges from 48-54.Bananas are low in fat with less than 1/2 gram per medium sized banana. Bananas are pretty low in protein as well with under 1.5 grams per medium banana. Bananas are known for their potassium content with one medium-sized banana offering 422 mg potassium or about 9% of the daily value set by
USDA. Along with potassium bananas contain some vitamin C ,folate, magnesium and choline. Banana good source of K, fiber, vitamin C and vitamin B6 and other oxidants too.

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Banana Health Benefits

Bananas are considered as mood swing preventer as it contains the amino acid ,tryptophan and vitamin B6 that helps the body to heal. Bananas are surprisingly pre exercise snacks as they are stacked with potassium that guides in keeping up with nerve and muscle work during work out. Bananas are help to bring down circulatory strain and safeguard heart wellbeing because of high potassium and low salt substance. Helpful in kidney diseases and a banana for face whitening is best for home remedies. Bananas are the only known fruit that helps to produce the neurotransmitter serotonin in human body .Green bananas are high in resistant starch which acts like fiber during digestion. Bananas are good source of prebiotics that helps in digestion problems. Helps to lose weight.

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What Happens in Our Body if We Eat Two Bananas Daily?

It helps in improving digestion system, and releases tension, and vitamin deficiency in the body is going to be fulfilled. Helps body to get insulin, and prepare hemoglobin and amino acid. Helps lower blood pressure. helps in weight loss and controls blood sugar. Bananas contain fiber so help in appetite problem, and potassium found in bananas helps in muscle problem. Blood deficient people should intake two bananas daily. Helps in keeping your skin glowing. Daily two use of banana for face are perfect routine.

How Many Varieties of Vananas Found in all Around World?

19 unique types of bananas is found all around the world. Cavendish Banana, red banana, ladyfinger banana, rhino horn banana, Gros Michel banana, Orinoco banana, Pisang raja banana, Blue java banana, Manzano banana, Gold finger banana, Mysore Banana, Praying hands banana, Bluggoe banana, Fehi banana, Macho plantain banana, Plantain banana, Burro banana, Barangan banana, Nendran Banana

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