Best Pakistani Eid Dresses for Girls 2023

One of the most widely observed holidays in Pakistan is Eid, which is a time when people dress to the nines to celebrate. Girls in particular adore wearing exquisite, lovely, and cozy traditional Pakistani Eid gowns. In this post, we will explore some of the trendiest Best Pakistani Eid Dresses for Girls in 2023.

Best Pakistani Eid Dresses for Girls

The Shalwar Kameez

One of the most well-known and traditional clothing items for women in Pakistan is the shalwar kameez. It comprises of loose-fitting slacks called the shalwar and a long tunic called the kameez. This dress is easy to wear, comfy, and available in a variety of patterns and hues. The shalwar kameez is ideal for females of all ages since it may be adorned with embroidery, lacework, or mirror work.

Shalwar Kameez for eid.

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Lehengas & cholis

A long skirt, a blouse, and a dupatta make up a lehenga choli, a three-piece ensemble. For females who wish to seem sophisticated and attractive during Eid, this outfit is ideal. The blouse can be plain or decorated with ornaments, while the skirt can be richly embroidered with elaborate embroidery or sequins. Depending on the wearer’s preferences, the dupatta can be draped in a variety of ways.

Lehengas cholis Best Pakistani Eid Dresses for Girls

Angori Suit

A long, flowing garment with a fitted bodice and a flared skirt is called an anarkali suit. For females who wish to seem elegant and regal during Eid, this outfit is ideal. The Anarkali suit can be created using a variety of materials, including silk, chiffon, or cotton, and it can be adorned with embroidery.

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Angori Suit for eid


Gharara comprises of a long skirt and a short blouse for a two-piece ensemble. Up till the knee, the skirt is fitted, and then it spreads out into pleats or ruffles. For females who wish to seem stylish and modern during Eid, this outfit is ideal. Ghararas can be crafted from a variety of materials, including silk, chiffon, or georgette, and they can be adorned with lacework, sequins, or embroidery.

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Gharara for eid

Shade Trends

Pastel hues including pink, mint green, and lavender are anticipated to be fashionable for Pakistani Eid outfits for girls in 2023. Yet strong hues like red, orange, and fuchsia will also be well-liked. The final decision about colour will be made based on personal desire.

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Pakistani jewellery


the outfit with traditional Pakistani jewellery, such as jhumkas, bangles, and a maang tikka, to complete the Eid appearance. To complete the appearance, use traditional footwear like khussas or juttis and drape a dupatta over your head or wrap it around your neck.


Finding the ideal Eid dress might be difficult, but with the help of these trends and recommendations, you can choose one that matches your preferences in terms of style, personality, and price. Choose a dress that you feel comfortable and confident in, then complement it with the appropriate jewellery and shoes to finish the appearance. Merry Eid!

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