Natural Tomato Skin Care Routine in 2022

There is such a condition when we use skin care products which we think are best for our skin but it goes against our expectations and skin health and damages our skin so this wastes your efforts. Sometimes you care for your skin a lot but some kind of illness damages your skin. Sometimes weather change also affects your skin. Natural Tomato Skin Care Routine is the best technique for the year 2022 specially for females.

Natural Tomato Skin Care Routine

Tomato Skin Care Routine

It is the desire of everyone to look prettier than the previous day. Many ways to maintain the shine and beauty of the skin. Every day a question comes in mind Can we apply tomato on face daily?. Yes it protect for skin care.

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Tomato As Natural Remedy

Our old ones use tomatoes oftenally for natural beauty skin care and remedies. This fruit contains excellent nutrients like phenolic compounds, carotenoids, folic acid, and vitamin C. This skin care remedy will help to improve your skin condition better but also you feel your skin color differently in one or two days. It is just three days of skin care remedy and you feel a difference. It makes your skin look fair and clears spots, makes skin flawless, minimizes pores, and keeps your skin glowing. Today Tomato for skin care for acne is a famous home remedy.


Take one tablespoon yogurt, drop one tablespoon lemon juice in it, one tablespoon tomato juice in it and mix one tablespoon honey in it mix well. Yogurt has lactic acid it acts bleaching agent, it brightens your skin, gives a fresh feeling to your skin, and removes spots from your skin. Lemon has also a bleaching effect on your skin it gives a light tone to your skin. Tomato removes acne, marks from your skin,  your pores, and glows your skin. Honey is anti-bacterial, soothes your skin, and keeps your skin young. Use this facemask after washing your face with water then use it by massaging in a circular motion on your face and neck and after half an hour wash it with Luke warm water. After three days you feel like baby skin.

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Tomato Cleanser

For this type of cleanser, you need tomato juice, one teaspoon of rice flour, and one fourth teaspoon of turmeric powder. This tomato and turmeric face cleanser is great for skin detoxification particularly for the treatment of any stubborn blackheads. Massage this paste on the face, T-zone, especially where you have blackheads. Leave this mixture for two minutes and wash with Luke warm water. Rice contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that are like a super food for your skin. It is also a decent antioxidant due to the presence of ferulic acid. Rice can be used as a powerful facial cleanser or toner to reduce pores and strengthen your skin. Tomatoes balance the pH of the skin, which in turn balances the natural oil provided by the skin. It helps to eliminate the dead cells, and tightens the pores. Turmeric is also used in facial packs to give the skin a radiant glow. It prevents any discoloration and softens your skin. Turmeric is considered to be an enhancer for the complexion.

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Tomato Toner

 Three teaspoons of organic honey, two tablespoons of rose water, and some regular water. Make tomato juice and add ingredients in it, after that add water to dilute it. Fill it in a spray bottle, keep in the refrigerator to chill, and spray after using a cleanser. It will give you instant relief from the heat. Use this toner every day when going to bed and also after removing makeup. This will brighten your skin and keep glowing and cleans the pores of your skin which increases the supply of oxygen.

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So we concluded tomato used in either form either cleanser, toner, or as a food it is rich in nutrient to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and young.

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