My London: Ray Chu – Fashion Designer


Ray Chu is a fashion designer, and founder of the “disruptive, sexy, A-gender” RTW RAY CHU brand.

Established in 2016, the inclusive label is characterised by a unique combination of refined quality, innovative craftsmanship, and edgy attitude, with their signature suits – famous for their precious tailoring and carefully placed cut-outs – recently winning praise for further helping to strengthen and embolden the brands core, genderless identity.

Prior to venturing into the creative industry, Ray Chu was studying English Education in NTUE. After graduating from college, he studied fashion at Shih Chein University before becoming an R&D fashion designer for a clothing trading company in Taipei.

In 2018, Ray moved to Shanghai where he worked as a buyer for multi-brand stores, and in 2022 he worked as Product Manager and Buyer for an e-commerce platform that helps international brands to open T MALL (online store) in China.

Currently he is focused on his eponymous label, as well as a number of various projects with multi-brand stores in China.

We caught up with Ray Chu for the latest edition of our ‘My London’ interview series.

Favourite Neighbourhood:

I’ve always really liked East London.

Favourite Place For Brunch:

Oh there are so many good places to go to for brunch! I’m going to pick The Good Egg, because that’s the last place I went to and it was really nice.

Best coffee in London:

Again, there are so many different places to choose from! I’ll say Shoreditch Grind… although I often think the best kind of coffee is the one that’s made for you by the person you like the most first thing in a morning right after you wake up.

Favourite gallery or museum:

The Tate Modern, The Centre Pompidou in Paris, and the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in Taiwan are three of my favourite ones. 

Tell us a secret:

I used to be an English teacher in Taiwan.

Favourite place to shop:

I actually really like to shop at thrift stores in Brick Lane – you can find some great clothes there.

Favourite place to find inspiration:

I find myself feeling most inspired whenever I visit a museum, or whilst travelling and exploring different cities.

Best London destination for a date:

Going for brunch somewhere nice, then maybe shopping at a thrift store, and then going for a walk around my neighbourhood? I feel like the city of London itself is the best destination for any kind of date.

Favourite park:

Hyde Park for sure.

Favourite food market:

I’m sure a lot of people say it, but it’s got to be Borough Market. I always enjoy spending time there.

Your sanctuary in the city:

Any art gallery… especially during the week when there aren’t as many people around!

What inspires you?

Whilst there are countless things that inspire me, I would say more than anything I find looking at pieces of art the most inspiring.

This season I’m loving…

Low-waist fit and flared trousers!