Mehndi Dresses: Mens New Kurta Waistcoats Designs

In Pakistan everyone prefer to wear kurtas with waistcoat in wedding functions. In last 2 years the waist coats trend is rising up and most of Pakistani designers launched various designs of waistcoats shalwar kameez. Due to lot of demand we collect the mens new kurta waistcoats mehndi dresses designs for you. Latest the best mehndi waistcoat and kurtas designs for men is here now. The elegant kurtas style are released by Pakistani designers. This hot collection is perfect for grooms and boys for all wedding events. Full brocade kurtas and men coats are in this list. The fresh trend you can see in this variety. Lets check out this remarkable collection.

Mens New Kurta Waistcoats Mehndi Dresses Designs


Shoulder long gala kurta Mens New Waistcoats Mehndi Dresses

Choridar pajama with elegant kameez full embroidery gala and arms is a fresh variety. Jamawar and silk choridar pajama is a modern trend for groom dresses in Pakistan. This trendy style is also perfect for boys as well.


White and green Mens New Kurta Waistcoats Mehndi Dresses

Green tilla and zari works waistcoat and plain kameez is a latest combination dress. The waist coat contains the ban and fancy buttons.


Blue Flowers Printed Mens New Kurta Waistcoats Mehndi Dresses

Royal blue waistcoat and white mehndi kurta is one of the best colors schemes. Suit keeps big flowers with karhai and zari work. That’s a unique colour contrast looks decent for men.


Golden Zari Mens New Kurta Waistcoats Mehndi Dresses

One another bluish with silver tilla karhai waistcoat looks fashionable. A narrow neet needlework on coat is wonderful men kurta style.


Embroidery gala Mens New Kurta Waistcoats Mehndi Dresses

Neckless and V gala is the best blue mehndi kurta design. Blue & white colour combination is most popular in Pakistan. The arms and gala cover with embroidery.


full gala karhai Mens New Kurta Waistcoats Mehndi Dresses

A graceful embroidered and self printed kameez with Pajam looks awesome with Servis or Bata black shoes. Heavy unique embroidery on chest and on shoulders is a recent fashion.


golden self printed Mens New Kurta Waistcoats Mehndi Dresses

Printed black and golden karhai suit. Gala and shoulders are fully covers with embroidery. This fashion is best for mayon functions.


Orange karhai Mens New Kurta deisngs

Red and white colour combination is most popular in Pakistan. Recent year this scheme widely used and now it’s a trendy fashion on marriages.


red gala pati Mens New Kurta Mehndi Dresses

Hot red with white pajama is trendy with black mocation. Rectangular shape karhai is a remarkable style fit for mayon events.


Shiny Black Mens New Mehndi Waistcoat design

A button less black waist coat is rising trend is Pakistan. We know black coat looks classy with every colour of kameez shalwar but recently this contrasts is rising up.


Shoulder Karhai atshi Mens latest Kurta Mehndi Dresses Designs

Jamawar self printed atishi henna gents kurta and white silk pajama is fresh style. Kora work on shoulders and arms is stellar design now a days.

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