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Mehndi Dresses for Man in Pakistan

In Pakistan the young male try to find out the new trendy kurtas for eid and weddings. Some of awesome collection of Mehndi Dresses for Man is here. The collection consists on beautiful kurta design for men. In kurta design 2018 men waist coats and kurtas are included. Plain waistcoats and embroidery kurtas are the latest design in this year. Plain and fully embroidered waistcoat is also new trendy style for male. Charming colors man suit design in Pakistan are also best gents kurta style for eid 2018.

Mehndi Dresses for Man Pakistani


best Mehndi Dresses for Man

Simple plain black suit having gala and cuff embroidery is super match for mayon. The simple waistcoat increase the beauty of suit and perfect for  this eid. These are best outfits for mens.


Mehndi Dresses for Man and male

Similar colour kurta and waistcoat are the new trend. Mehndi dresses for male keep shoulder and gala embroidery.  This match is super for wedding events.


Mehndi Dresses for Man in Pakistan

The best kurta design for man in Pakistan contains fully embroidery waistcoat. The simple orange kameez is giving the good look to men. This trend is also best for Pakistani boys mayon suits.


Mehndi Dresses for Men

Narrow embroidery waistcoat and kurta is hot trend now a days. Kameez with white embroidery looks great and best wearing style at wedding functions. This is super hit mehndi dress for men.


Pakistani Mehndi Dresses for Men 2018

Shawl and the Magenta shirt with white shalwar look great on mayon event. The golden Khusa is traditional style of men which look awesome under the white bottom. Shawl style for mehndi dresses for man in Pakistan are best.


Mehndi Dresses male kurta styles

Green plain kameez with black embroidery and bottom is new colour contrast. This style is newly available in market and mostly boys want to wear this style. Mehndi male kurta style 2018 is super hit now.


Mehndi Dresses for Man embroidery kurta

men embroidery mehndi kurta with narrow bottom pajama look beautiful for eid. This is one of the most inspiring trend now a days for men. This is also best for Pakistani groom dresses.


Mehndi Dresses for Man turban style

Black turban and white formal shalwar kameez is very traditional and specially designed for male. This is one of the best Pakistani qabaili trend at weddings.

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