Latest Lipstick Styles for Asian and Western Girls

People have been painting their bodies and faces for a very long time. As soon they started painting caves they started painting their bodies, this early humans wore face paint not necessarily as ornamentation. But as ritual protection against evil spirits. In particular, they wore naturally occurring pigments such as black, yellow, and red ochre which is a fancy word for colored mud or dirt. Eventually wearing these pigments became more decorative than ritualistic and the first recreational makeup was born. The latest Lipstick Styles are here.

Best Lipstick Trends

Fashion For Painting Lips

Fast forward to 2500BC and the mainstay in every ancient makeup bag was reddish rouge for cheeks and lips. Rouge’s reddening effect was so desirable because it was believed to make you look healthy and fertile, and red was also one of the most available and vibrant pigments at the time. Lip wear stuck around in 200 BC in China women wore red rouge to reshape their lips into circles, hearts, or flowers, and around the same time, roman women wore rose red or pink tinted lip paint. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt famously made her red lipstick of beeswax, crushed ants, and of carmine.

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Lipstick Trend In West

In the west, during the middle ages onwards lipstick came in and out of fashion. When religious leaders who thought that cosmetics were sinful held a lot of ways, lipsticks were out. when influential style icons, usual royalty, decided that they wanted to wear lipsticks, lipstick came back in. Queen Elizabeth the first was noted for her interest in makeup. She wore basically a full face of white lead and a lot of lipstick. Elizabeth allegedly thought that lipstick had preventative healing powers and health benefits and it is said by the time of her death she was wearing an inch of lipstick. Lipstick ping-ponged out of fashion during the Puritan takeover of England in the mid-17th century and ping-ponged back into fashion after the restoration of Charles the second. During this time lipstick enjoyed a hundred-year grace period, especially with the lavish fashion and makeup choices of the French aristocrats. This high time came to a screeching Halt at the end of the 18th century when the British government started taxing the hell out it and the French aristocrats who loved it, lost their heads. Now that is one way to end a trend.

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Queen Victoria, a style icon in her own right, however austere, made sure that lipstick stayed out of fashion for a good part of the 19th century. Something to note though is that for thousands of years even during these times in which lipstick and makeup were on the outs among the aristocrats, they were still worn by certain women who were considered on the outskirts of society like actresses.

Lipstick Trend In East

This was true in the west as well as across the world in the east in the Edo period  like Japan, where bright red lipstick and makeup were a part of the kabuki theatre as well as Geisha beauty regiments. By the end of 19th century interest in cosmetics grew some luxury brands such as Guerlain began to dabble in the idea of lip salve and rouge pads for their upper-class clientele. These changing attitudes opened the door for the birth of the lipstick industry. In 1920 in the American film industry actresses introduce lipstick. In 1930 lipstick sales rose with different lipstick covers and started selling across the world very speedily. Now lipsticks are available in every shade like nude colors, metallic colors, and matte colors.

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