Jeans Creasing Under Your Bum? Here’s What to Do


Do you own different types of jeans, each with a different fit? If so, you’re not alone. Finding the right-sized denim can sometimes feel like an impossible mission, especially in the derriere area.

After all, no two behinds are the same. Yet, it’s what helps us decide what we want out of our jeans, whether it be to lift our rear, lengthen our legs, or accentuate our curves.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to find jeans that help enhance your curves and give you the best fit, figure, and lift.

Let’s get started.

What’s Causing Your Jeans to Crease Under the Bum?

If you’ve ever had to put up with a pair of jeans that crease in the back, you know it can be uncomfortable to wear and even more uncomfortable to look at.

Let me start by saying that this issue is more common than you think. The problem is that people feel that as long as their jeans don’t need a belt to stay in place, then that must mean it’s a perfect fit. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

So, the first thing you have to do when faced with this dilemma is look at the direction of the wrinkles.

If they’re facing toward your body, then that means they’re probably skinny jeans that are too tight. Alternatively, if you notice horizontal wrinkles that fold outward, it’s likely that they’re too loose and have excess fabric in the thigh and rear areas.

There are three possible reasons why your jeans wrinkle under your rear.

The first reason is jeans with ill-placed pockets. Whether they’re too high or too low, this results in a bit of extra fabric that has no place to go. So, the additional fabric just sags and slumps, giving that creased look we all know too well.

The second reason is an issue with seat width, aka your bum. In other words, your jeans are too wide for your rear so the fabric doesn’t fully curve over your butt. Instead, it hangs down and creases.

Finally, it could just be a problem with the width of the thighs. When the thighs are too loose, it makes the jeans look droopy and limp, which gives them that sad, wrinkled look.

Close-up of a woman wearing jeans with blue background

Finding the Right Fit

There’s no universal sizing chart for the measurement of jeans. Why? Because we all have different heights and hip sizes.

It might seem disheartening, but you should note that each type of jeans will give you a different fit. They’ll curve around your body proportions differently, which means you need to start the fitting process from scratch each time you buy denim.

The good news is that it’s possible to find the perfect fit no matter which brand you choose. So, instead of wearing pants that look like they’re draping over your body, you should wear flattering jeans that contour to every curve and angle.

So, how should jeans fit you?

According to experts, it has more to do with your body type than with the actual jeans.

Take a look.


Having a curvy figure means you can get away with wearing almost any cut. However, deep-wash denim works best to lend an overall elongated look.

Another trick is to opt for jeans with tapered ankles as opposed to straight legs or flared jeans. Having that slight narrowing at the bottom will create a slim hourglass figure.

As for the bum, it’s important to find well-fitted pants that curve around your butt. Yet, the problem is that sometimes you feel you need to go between sizes.

If that’s the case, then go with the pants that fit your natural waistline. Then, tailor the additional fabric to adjust the bum and thigh area for a sleek, slender look.


Hourglass shapes are known to have curves in all the right places. Still, they need to know whether they should get low-rise jeans, Mom jeans, or stick to the skinny styles.

For example, choose slim-fit jeans made from stretch denim to create an extended leg line and highlight the curves of your hips and bum.

Also, it’s better to pick high-waisted jeans that will accentuate your body proportions.

Try to look for a comfortable fit in the area of the crotch seam and upper thigh. Pick a pair of low- or mid-rise jeans to help add curves to your hip area and bum.

A woman wearing blue jeans walking in the street


If you have a pear-shaped frame, you need to focus more on a boot or flare cut as opposed to straight-leg jeans.

This will draw the eye down to your lower half. Doing this will even out the proportions between the upper and lower parts of your body.

It’ll also make your legs appear more slender. Just make sure you keep the area under the rear tight throughout to avoid having the pants from becoming too wide and unflattering in the back area.

To make your bum look rounded and more proportional, choose jeans with curved pockets that sit slightly higher than normal. This design will give you a more curved shape.


Petite women have it easy. They can go for almost any style or cut and it’ll still look fabulous on them.

Yet, to accentuate their small frame and enhance their curves, it’s best to stick with skinny jeans that work to elongate their legs. This means keeping it long and slender.

Plus, choosing a high-waisted cut can give the illusion of adding a few more inches to their height.

Now, for the rear, pick jeans with smaller pockets than normal. This design helps give the appearance of a more rounded bum without any excess fabric that folds and creases.

A Final Note

Every time you buy a new pair of jeans, consider it an investment. After all, you probably wear them the most out of all your clothes. Plus, they also have lasting power, which is why they tend to outlast many of your other clothing items.

So, don’t settle for jeans that crease under the bum and thigh area. Instead, get knowledgeable about why this happens and what you can do to avoid that saggy look.

Once you find the brand, size, and measurement of jeans that work for you, guard it with your life. Then, go out and order yourself a couple of extra pairs in various washes just to be on the safe side!