Is Jones New York a Good Brand?


According to the site’s ‘About Us’ page, Jones New York is a “global lifestyle brand rooted in classic styling, redefined for the modern woman.”

This brand name is known for its fashionable clothing line that includes a wide range of products, such as apparel, outerwear, and accessories. Their business philosophy is built on offering clients premium quality materials and timeless designs to suit every style and fashion sense out there.

Yet, many are still wondering, “Is Jones New York a good brand?”

That’s what we’re here to find out. So, scroll down to learn all about this brand.

Is Jones New York a Good Brand?

Yes! Jones New York is a highly reputable American fashion brand. It’s celebrated for its excellence and distinction in premium quality, classic designs, and everyday style.

Since its launch in the 1970s, this retailer and design company has been synonymous with style, grace, and versatility, thanks to its clothing line created for fast-paced city life.

Their signature style of apparel suits both informal and formal occasions. Customers can look fashionable and savvy whether they’re going to the office, enjoying a simple night out, or an all-out formal dress-up.

Having well-tailored clothing items are part of the brand’s aesthetics. They’re created to help women feel empowered to do anything they please while still looking fantastic and feeling feminine.

JNY: The Essence of True Fashion

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Jones New York.

Need a dress shirt to go with the pencil skirt you’re wearing tonight? There are plenty of options to choose from.

How about something more specific like a peacoat, trench coat, or poncho? They’ve got those as well.

In short, Jones New York ranks pretty high on the list in terms of availability and convenience.

Their items are also known to last for years. Most reviews we’ve read mention decades-old dresses, tops, and pants that look brand new years later.

Customers mainly appreciate how easy it is to care for and maintain all items.

Close-up of a fashion designer working on a mood board

Another thing customers love about this brand is its ability to create and produce remarkably well-tailored fits. The designers know how to shape every fabric, even those that are incredibly delicate.

Their powers shine in the way they make clothes look both elegant and sleek while still feeling comfortable. Each piece feels like it was made specifically for that individual.

In the beginning, the company largely created office wear for corporate women. Recently, however, it’s been redefining its approach to fashion, by creating pieces that focus on styles that work on any day of the week and almost any occasion.

JNY: A Brief History

It all started in 1975 when Sidney Kimmel acquired various licenses to launch his new company. Being the CEO and chairman of the Jones Apparel Group, he called it Jones New York, which quickly became the fastest-growing apparel company in the US.

However, a decade later, sales started to drop, forcing the company to reach near bankruptcy.

Then, in the early 1990s, the company went public. Next, they began purchasing brands and establishing them under the Jones New York Signature Women’s brand.

Some of these designer labels included Saville, Evan-Picone, Calvin Klein, and Lauren by Ralph Lauren. A few years later, they launched the Jones New York men’s wear program.

After a few turbulent years, a private equity firm, Sycamore Partners, acquired the Jones Group for $2.2 billion in early 2014. They, then, divided the group into several smaller fashion design entities, one of which is Jones New York.

The following year, Sycamore Partners announced plans to shut down the entire brand’s wholesale business by the end of 2015. They also no longer had any interest in keeping any of the US retail locations operational.

Luckily for the fashion brand—and us—Jones New York was soon acquired by Authentic Brands Group (ABG). Once the take-over was finalized, ABG licensed The Kasper Group to develop and produce women’s apparel for its Jones New York Signature Women’s line for retailers in both the US and Canada.

This step has everyone feeling confident about where the company is headed. It’s what brought back a dying firm and allowed it to retake its standing in the fashion retail world.

They even came up with a brand-new logo for the brand to give it a fresh start.

As a result, everyone involved invested time and effort into rekindling the brand. Hence, they were highly optimistic and excited about moving to the next phase of this brand’s life.

It goes without saying that their hard work and dedication paid off. Less than a year later, sales increased, and slowly but surely, the business grew to the amount of $4.5 billion in retail sales.

Ever since ABG took over the company, it’s seen remarkable growth. So much so that Jones New York brought on Cindy Crawford to be the face of its fashion campaign back in 2020. The legendary supermodel and eminent entrepreneur came back to participate in another Jones New York media campaign, which kicked off in New York this past March.

JNY: Where to Shop

Time Square in New York

Nowadays, Jones New York has its basis of operation in New York City. Plus, you can always shop at their user-friendly online store where you’ll find year-round offers, discounts, and more.

In fact, this is one of the features of Jones New York that hasn’t changed much throughout the years: its affordable price range. This has provided the company with the chance to keep its loyal customer base while expanding it and allowing for a new generation to come on board.

We’ve also read several user reviews that rave about the site’s customer service representatives. They’re well-acquainted with all the products, friendly, and provide prompt assistance.

The Jones New York clothing line can be found in most major department stores, including Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s, and even Walmart.

They’re also available online through these same outlets and on various e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Poshmark, and Lyst.

A Final Note

So, is Jones New York a good brand? Yes!

Few fashion brands offer such a diverse collection of modern, sophisticated, and classic designs. Their items are long-lasting, easy to care for, and come in a reasonable price range.

This world-renowned fashion company has always had one aim since it first launched in the 1970s: to sell a lifestyle. They promised customers with clothes that fit well and look amazing no matter the occasion, and they’ve certainly delivered that promise and more!