How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy Naturally 2022

Our eyes help us in seeing and comprehending the world. Even though it is such an important organ, we usually neglect our eyes and this leads us to problems such as eye pain, dryness, redness, infection, cataract or vision loss. Today we will learn about How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy Naturally?

Best Tips to Keep Eyes Healthy

We must take care of our eyes t keep them healthy and bright. Let us talk today about the five tips to keep our eyes healthy.

How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy Naturally

1. Eye Healthy Food

Healthy eyes begin with a healthy diet.  In addition to vitamin A which is so much required for our eyes, nutrients like zinc, omega-3, fatty acids, lutein, vitamin C, and E are very much important for maintaining eye health. It really prevents age-related eye issues such as macular degeneration, and cataracts. To obtain the required amount of nutrients, one should include green leafy vegetables, apples, pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, nuts, beans, citrus fruits and juices in your diet. Along with eating such healthy food keep check on your weight because obesity can increase the risk of diabetes, which can lead to eye problem like diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

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2. Less Screen Time

Everyone these days is glued to a computer laptop or phone.  All these devices transmit light. The blue light in particular is toxic for your eyes, using these devices for a long period can lead to eye pain, dry eyes, blurry vision, headaches, and many more. So the best way to deal with this problem start following the 20-20 rule after every twenty minutes, work on your screen. Look at it object far away from your laptop for twenty seconds.

3. Blink Frequently

Don’t stare at screens. Continuously blink now and then and this would prevent dryness. At least one hour before sleeping and this would ensure sound sleep at night.

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4. Relaxation

We use around 40% energy through our eyes, even if we are not looking around our eyes are wide open. Because of all this our eyes, become drained and fatigued for the day. We need to change ourselves. Just like how we charge our phone batteries. The simplest way is to rest our eyes. So every hour close your eyes for a minute or cup your eyes with your palm. At regular intervals, washing your eyes, by taking a cup of water, and dipping your eyes in the water and your eyes works wonders because it washes away the irritants, which are there around because of pollution.  And so do this twice or thrice a day. This keeps your eyes fresh. Keep close your eyes during thinking. Eight hours of quality sleep is a must to help rejuvenate yourself.

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5. Eye Exercises

Our eye muscles don’t get enough stretch and exercise because of our necks. When you are rotating your eyes in different directions helps in increasing blood circulation and a good amount the oxygen to the area allows the toxins to be removed from that area. rotate your eyes clockwise and anticlockwise and after that close your eyes for a relaxing few seconds. Another technique keep staring at candlelight away from you two feet. Your eyes should be looking down not up, until tears come to your eyes. You should not stress your eyes during this and should blink during gazing. Another is sun gazing which is during rising and setting of sun.

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6. Expose To Nature

 It helps your eyes prevent problems like myopia or nearsightedness in which nearby objects are clearly visible but objects further away are blurry. Natural sunlight and vibrant colors of leaves and the vastness of sky all these sights that help increase your eyesight. Follow all those tips will help keep your eyes healthy and for sharp vision so you will be safe from having spectacles.

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