How To Deal With Combination Skin in Summer

You might have dry skin. You might have oily skin or both which is called combination skin. If someone has both type of skin confused try using either moisture or oil it is complicated what type you need. Some are the tips How To Deal With Combination Skin in Summer.

Combination Skin in Summer

Characteristics of Combination Skin

it is usually oily near your forehead or nose and dry areas are u-zone and your cheeks. Especially for weather changes it is oily in winter but dry in some areas so irritates your skin easily.

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Five Signs You Have Combination Skin

1. Depending on the weather, The T-zone area on your face changes mean the level of oilness change.

2. your nose pores are much larger than your chin or cheek pores.

3. You may have dry skin but you also get pimples spots often.

4. your forehead and nose may be oily, but the area around your mouth and your eyes may have a lot of wrinkles.

5. you may have dry hair but if you don’t wash your hair for even one day your scalp gets really sticky.

Quick Self Skin Type Test

All you need is oil paper. After you wash your face leave your skincare products for about 3 hours. Now take the oil paper and press it on your skin. If you don’t have any oils you likely to have dry skin. If you see a lot of oil on your oil paper you have likely to have oily skin. If Your T-zone has oil and U-zone doesn’t have oil then you have combination skin.

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How To Manage Combination Skin Type

Combination skin has oily and dry skin. Two types of combination skin according to which you use skincare products. For those combination skin where T-zone is oily and U-zone is dry in which comes chin and cheek area and T-zone which consists nose and forehead area to choose products for oily skin we choose which products have least amount of oiliness to balance the moisture of your skin and oiliness of your face product should have moisture to use on your U-zone because that area becomes pretty dry. When you choose a toner that have ingredients that exist on your skin try use anti-oxidant ingredients which give you more moisture and also choose a toner that cleans a lots of waste from your skin.

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Introduces the first toner is mandelic acid 5% skin prop water it contains ingredients already exist in our skin antioxidant ingredient beta glucan which balances combination skin type. It is derived from almonds it helps improve skin tone and smoothly and calmly remove dead cells. And boost moisturizer in the skin, it contains anti-bacterial properties that help to prevent as well as soothe inflammatory acne. Introduces pro purifying toner helps to calm and smooth irritated skin and helps clean out that keratin and waste in your pores manage excess sebum and keratin from lower ph tone and after cleansing it balances the skin ph level. When you choose serum find products that are light in texture. Introduces Mangolia wake essence serum, this serum increase moisture but lessens oiliness, therefore, balancing oil and moisture level of the skin.


Combination skin is hard to manage, to choose products that should not contain oil or alcohol but also absorbs well into the skin. Try to keep your skin dry.

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