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For me, Beauty & Men’s Grooming have never been about creating a fake self. Not about being ashamed to be who you are. Much rather, it’s about confidence; about highlighting your strengths in a natural way — similarly to how I view fashion.

In today’s post, in partnership with Walmart, I want to walk you through a few of my favorite products that I use most days, and why I use them, as part of the ‘Here for Every Beauty Campaign’ that not only marks Walmart’s new and improved beauty game, but also celebrates beauty of every kind. And I’m 100% behind that. We see such a big movement in social media and every day life to learn to embrace ourselves for who we are, and I think a few of these tools will help with that.

Starting the morning off with my Gillette Styler — I’ve talked about it before, and you know I’m a big fan of the brand, it’s a way to control the stubble and make it look on point. Odor protection is next up, and my solution is the Dove Men+ Care Dry Spray, and has been for a while. It took some time to find the right deodorant that feels right, smells right and protects right for when I get active, but this is it for me.

No matter whether it’s summer or winter, my skin is sensitive either way, and so is yours. Whether you have a tendency to burn or not, using SPF on a daily is highly recommended for your skin’s health — I use Elizabeth Arden New Prevage City Smart, for SPF in combination with a teint to even out my skin tone without looking like I’m wearing foundation. Then grab the Jade Roller and have a little me-time with this amazing tool, evening out fine lines and honestly, just feeling amazing. A couple spritzes of Zegna Acqua di Bergamotto, and we’re good to go!

In the evening, the first step is to get rid of all the dirt that lands on your face throughout the day, for which I use Bioderma Micellar Cleansing Water, which cleans and hydrates at the same time, but for some extra hydration I tend to use the Gel Cream Moisturizer from the same brand. And if I’m in *desparate* n eed for hydration, the Neutrogena Hydro Boost mask doesn’t only make you look like it’s Halloween, it’s guaranteed to get your skin feeling full of nutrients.

A little more specific to me personally is Bio-Oil, which is great for lessening scar tissue, and since I’m great at skateboarding, I got a big one of those on my collarbone. But seriously, read the reviews, people rage about Bio-Oil worldwide.

And last but not least, I think beauty starts on the inside, so finishing my day off and preparing with nutrients for the next day is essential. A quick and easy (and yummy) way to do so is Centrum, but of course you can really tailor it to your needs and get specific nutrients from Walmart as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed that little glimpse into my daily habits, feel free to shop these products at Walmart, online or some of them in store as well, and try them out for yourself! 🙂

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