GUINNESS and LABRUM collaborate on a Summer capsule collection

GUINNESS has partnered with trailblazing British fashion brand LABRUM to unveil a limited-edition summer capsule collection. The collaboration, set to launch on 3rd August 2023, pays homage to the shared cultural connections between the UK and Sierra Leone, Western Africa.At the heart of this collection lies a unique, co-created print, inspired by LABRUM founder Foday Dumbuya’s cherished memories in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital city. The print beautifully captures the joyous gatherings of friends and family around kiosks and street tables, where they come together to enjoy each other’s company over a glass of Guinness and engage in friendly conversations, often accompanied by traditional games like draughts/checkers.

The limited-edition apparel and accessories, including LABRUM’s renowned safari shirt, t-shirt, cap, bucket hat, and socks, will be available exclusively on To celebrate the collaboration, both GUINNESS and LABRUM will organize public workshops, fostering unity and celebration among their communities.

LABRUM takes pride in being a platform and advocate for those who seek to express themselves freely. Their vision centers on creating honest and thought-provoking garments that champion the spirit of freedom.

Foday Dumbuya, LABRUM founder and recipient of the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design 2023, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, emphasising its significance beyond clothing. He described it as a fusion of passion, heritage, and community, celebrating Sierra Leonean social traditions, including the beloved pastime of coming together over a drink of Guinness and a game of draughts/checkers. Such traditions have played a pivotal role in connecting people, fostering relationships, and creating enduring memories in Sierra Leone. By infusing these values into the partnership with Guinness, they celebrate unity, camaraderie, and the power of shared experiences.

Neil Shah, Head of Guinness GB, shared the excitement about the collaboration with LABRUM, highlighting their shared pioneering spirit and energy. This partnership marks the beginning of their commitment to creating meaningful cultural moments, with a special focus on recognizing and celebrating the communities that contribute to the essence of Guinness.

The collection’s compelling images were captured by Justin French, a photographer based in London and New York, who skillfully brought the concept to life. Through artful curation, the photographs celebrate the fusion of cultures and the joy of communal gatherings, drawing inspiration from authentic moments shared by locals in Sierra Leone and the UK, all amid the iconic Guinness brand. The collection’s vibrant spirit comes alive against the backdrop of real-life footage, showcasing lively street corners in Freetown and bustling pubs in London.

The exclusive collection will be available for purchase on starting from 7th August 2023.