Good In Bread delivers bake-at-home loaveliness this Sourdough September

Good In Bread, an artisan bread business, is expanding its reach by offering fresh Sourdough bread delivery services in London and beyond. Additionally, they are introducing a Sourdough Baking Kit priced at £49, designed to enable individuals to bake their own Sourdough bread at home using natural fermentation techniques.

The Sourdough Baking Kit from Good In Bread facilitates the creation of two Sourdough country loaves and includes user-friendly equipment, step-by-step instructions, and helpful tips, making it suitable for beginners.

Good In Bread provides doorstep delivery of fresh artisan Sourdough bread through subscription or à la carte options, ensuring a wide selection of loaves, buns, rolls, and bagels to cater to various preferences within households.

Founder Emily Caron emphasises the artisanal approach to Sourdough bread, highlighting its benefits for both the soul and the body. Good In Bread collaborates with Sciascia Storey, an independent artisan bakery in West London, known for using top-quality organic flours, natural leavens, and slow fermentation processes to impart a delightful aroma, texture, and character to their loaves.

Emily Caron, the half-French and half-American founder, shares her lifelong passion for bread, inspired by her upbringing in Brittany, France, where bread held a central place in her family’s daily life.

Good In Bread’s introduction of the Sourdough Baking Kits aims to demystify the Sourdough-making process, particularly during Sourdough September. The company believes that even those who choose to bake their Sourdough at home can still be valued customers and contributors to the Sourdough movement.

In addition to the Sourdough Baking Kit, Good In Bread presents an Organic White Country Sourdough Par-Baked Loaf, available starting at £7.90. This par-baked loaf offers the authentic experience of freshly baked bread with minimal effort and time required.

Good In Bread offers subscription options, including the ‘Loaf Of The Week’ Plan, allowing customers to receive a rotation of six different Sourdough varieties plus seasonal loaves on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Alternatively, customers can opt for their preferred Sourdough bundle delivery.

Currently, Good In Bread delivers to Greater London, utilising Packfleet, a zero-emission courier that employs electric vans and plants a tree for each parcel delivered.