Best Summer Makeup for Female 2023

There are many of you out there that live in hot humid areas that just prefer matte makeup over easily melting glow makeup. So Best Summer Makeup for Female are here discussed. 

Long Lasting  Makeup

The tip here is to do the skincare and choose the products with light finish. When people think of matte skin they automatically think of light weighted products, But if you start with matte skin care, then that means your face could actually get more oily and cakey. In this we will discuss how to make your skin hydrated fully from the inside with a matte finish on the outside.

Summer Makeup

Choosing A Product

Products with thick textures can leave unabsorbed sticky feelings on the surface of your face. So if you use a lightweight product it can be easily absorbed, and hydrated, but your skin won’t feel sticky. Choosing a product that hydrates deeply without making your skin feel oily and cakey is the tip for matte makeup.

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Reduce The Number Of Products

The full routine of toner essence eye cream ampoule cream oil might be too much on your face. In the morning choose products for hydration, if you want to use a specialized functional product, we recommend you use it at night. Use each product imaging that you are locking the moisture inside your skin with the heat from your hand.


Use Moisturizer

Dry skin may feel like this isn’t enough. So if that’s the case try applying lightweight moisturizer in between the steps. Also, if you feel like the product isn’t applying completely and it’s still kind of on the surface of your face then use a clean sponge or tissue paper to dab it off a bit.

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Use Sunscreen And Foundations

The third tip is to use sunscreen and foundations with different textures, Watery foundations can be applied thin and feel moisturizing but with lower coverage. On the other hand, the thick foundation has higher coverage but applies thicker on the skin and it’s less hydrating. After choosing the foundation depending on the skin type and the amount of coverage you need then choose a sunscreen with the opposite texture. With the dewy foundation use sunscreen with a matte finish. And with a matte foundation go with the sunscreen with a dewy or moisturizing look. When you use loose powder try to use a fluffier brush to apply the powder.

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How To Use Loose Powder?

Pour small amount of loose powder on the lid and dip the brush while holding the brush vertically and swirl so that it applies evenly into the bristles and tap off the excess. When you apply the powder try to apply like with rolling motions instead of swirling it around. This help your foundation adhere better and it will blot your skin.

Makeup Fixer

Now fixers can splay out blotches as if it’s spitting on you if you don’t press down all the way. Summer makeup is quite different from winter makeup. Every lady should be concerned about the makeup hack tips so her makeup look will be perfect

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