Best Ajrak Dress Designs 2023

Ajrak is one of the traditional cloth of Sindh Pakistan. It comes usually in shawls. When someone guest goes to rural area of Sindh, it is usually gifted. You can use Ajrak in many ways like shirts, frocks etc. Here we will style Ajrak with four different ways with shoe jewellery. Best Ajrak Dress Designs are here now.

Best Sindhi Ajrak Dress Designs

Black Dress with Ajrak

A-line shirt with black dress with ajrak having Ajrak dupatta. If you want it readymade it is available at crafters brand. If you want to stitch by yourself then the solid colors found in Ajrak shawl like black or maroon make kameez and shalwar of it.

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Ajrak Dress Frock

Best shirt have ajrak dress frock and the same border of Ajrak on its sleeves and the same Ajrak border on shirt front and back looks stuning. Maroon sandal and golden jhumkas match with it. A long black frock having golden lace is stitched in corners with Ajrak waistcoat. If you have white or maroon color frock then the Ajrak waistcoat also looks quiet on it. Match it with golden sandals with golden airings.

White Shalwar Kameez

We have white shalwar kameez with ajrak with A-line black shirt with Ajrak A-line  gown over it. gown have bay neckline. With it we have maroon velvet khussa with silver color airings.

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Best Ajrak Dress Designs

Black Frock with ajrak Design Pattern

Black Frock with ajrak Design Pattern straight sleeves is best. Frock shape is A-line bay neckline. Center side whole piping with black plastic buttons. Wear it with black color tights. Wear it with black color loafers. In neck we wear silver color neck piece and use some accessories in your hair like clips etc.

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Ajrak is our traditional cloth its fashion is never out in any season its up to you how you design and make it look you prettier and unique. We discuss above Ajrak Dress Designs in the article.

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