A White Denim Midi Skirt And Pink Baby Tee


A White Denim Midi Skirt And Pink Baby Tee

Happy Tuesday everyone! I recently shared with you my new purchases from out here in the United States, and I absolutely adore every single piece that I got, so if you missed that blog post, please do check it out! In the meantime though, I have a brand new set of outfit photos to share with you!

I’m going to keep this one fairly short as there’s not a huge amount to say about this look as it’s really simple, but I think it’s perfect for those slightly elevated, casual daytime errands and shopping vibes.

For the base of the outfit, I had on my Stradivarius White Midi Denim Skirt (I own these in 3 colours and love them!) and I paired it with my Abercrombie & Fitch Essential Baby Tee in Light Pink. The cropped length of this tee sits perfectly at the waistband of the denim skirt, so it’s a great combination! I took the skirt in a UK size 8 and it has a lot of stretch to it, so it’s super comfortable!

Buy these outfit pieces below:

Then for the rest of the outfit, I chose this gorgeous bag which you recently saw in my Mulberry Lily in Maple Silky Calf bag review as I think it’s one of the most perfect bags ever made! I don’t know what it is about the Mulberry Lily, but I absolutely love and adore it! It’s stunning! Especially in this colourway as it’s so summery and gorgeous. It complements everything that I wear, and my skin tone. I know two of you have already purchased it from my affiliate link, so I hope you’re loving it as much as me!

Then for my shoes, I had on my Abercrombie & Fitch Brown Sandals, which I’ve had for quite some time. I love these as well, and have worn them so much. I did recently get some new brown sandals though that are more comfortable, but these will always be an all time favourite as they’re so sleek.

I decided to go with something more glittery and sparkly for my makeup too, using one of my Morphe eyeshadow palettes to create some glitz on the eyes, and a deep berry lip gloss, to contrast the baby pink. I also had on a few pieces of gold jewellery from Daisy London, as they’re my go to!

Anyway, please do let me know what you think of this cute and summery outfit! It’s just something simple and really easy to put together, but as long as the colours work in your ensemble, you can’t go wrong. I hope you all have a lovely rest of the week!