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I love magazines. I’ve been reading them since I was a pre-teen, and while I’ve graduated from CosmoGirl and Mizz to British Vogue, Grazia, and Glamour, my passion for glossies hasn’t changed. It’s why I subscribe to Readly, the one place where I can access thousands of magazines every month for just £9.99 – and, if you’re new to Readly, you can get 2 MONTHS FREE* by using my unique link: https://gb.readly.com/curiouslyconscious

My Favourite Magazines on Readly

Readly has over 7,000 titles on its digital shelves, so there’s something to suit everyone. I’ve been using the app since 2020, and enjoy having access to my favourite titles all in one place. Personally, I like to read a mixture of fashion, food, and lifestyle magazines, including:

  • BBC Good Food
  • Billboard
  • British GQ
  • British Vogue
  • Cosmopolitan UK
  • Country & Town House
  • Delicious
  • ELLE Decoration UK
  • Embroidery
  • ES Magazine
  • Fast Company
  • Grazia
  • Guardian Saturday
  • Guardian Feast
  • Guardian Weekly
  • Happiful Magazine
  • Harper’s Bazaar UK
  • HELLO! Fashion
  • New Scientist
  • New York Magazine
  • Observer Magazine
  • Olive
  • Positive News
  • Psychologies
  • Rolling Stone UK
  • RUSSH Magazine
  • Stylist
  • Sussex Life
  • The Big Issue
  • The TLS
  • TIME
  • Vanity Fair UK
  • Wallpaper*
  • Women’s Health UK

…It’s quite a list! For a lot of the food magazines, I like to bookmark my favourite recipes for future making. Conversely, I’ll read the glossies from cover to cover, and the fashion magazines are where I’ll dip in and out for style inspiration.

On Readly, you can also access titles from different countries – France, Germany, Italy, US – as well as national and regional newspapers.

If you’re new to Readly, my top tip is to scroll through the categories that interest you, so you can find your favourite publications, as well as discover new ones!

Reading Magazines On The Go

Earlier this year I invested in a refurbished iPad, and it’s revolutionised the way I access Readly. I can use Readly across both my phone and iPad, and the app keeps track of where I’ve read up to.

When I travel, I rely on my iPad for answering emails and creating content, so having Readly accessible on my iPad means I no longer need to pack bulky magazines in my handbag. I’m on trains a lot, so I like to download a few titles before I travel, and read these without needing to rely on public WiFi or mobile data. I actually use it so much I don’t really think about how good it is – or how I’d survive without it!

With Readly, you can also create up to 5 profiles from the same account. It means I can share access to all of Readly’s publications with my family, with their own unique profile that keeps track of the magazines they’re reading (and in my mum’s case, the sudoku and crossword puzzles she’s doing!)

Readly also makes magazines a lot more accessible, with its ‘Article View’ feature. This cleverly reformats a printed article into an easily scrollable digital version, breaking images and text up in an intelligent way. My mum finds this especially useful when reading on her phone.

Finding Style Inspiration On Readly

Whenever I talk about sustainable fashion, I like to preface it by saying how important it is to suss out your own style. Knowing what suits your personality and body is key to finding clothes you’ll love to wear over and over!

However, keeping up with new ways to style clothes is the next step. I like to evolve my wardrobe and find new ways to restyle the same clothes by looking through magazines, and Readly makes this super simple! I’m able to access fashion magazines like British Vogue, Grazia, HELLO! Fashion, ELLE, Vanity Fair as soon as they come out, with the app highlighting new issues whenever they’re published.

This month, I’ve bookmarked the following articles that have some great ideas on how I can evolve my wardrobe from my summer capsule into autumn…

  • British Vogue: Opening Lines A/W 2023 Preview
  • Cosmopolitan: Try before you train swimwear
  • ELLE: The High Shine Edit
  • Grazia: 9 Easy Wardrobe Wins

Aside from fashion, I also loved reading Positive News’ ‘Through the eyes of a child’ piece, providing refugee children on the borders of Syria and Turkey a chance to learn photography, and Vanity Fair’s interview with Phoebe Waller-Bridge. With Readly, I really enjoy dipping in and out of different publications, diversifying my world view and giving me opportunities to access new and different media.

Try Readly For Free

If you’d like to try Readly, you can get 2 MONTHS FREE (and cancel anytime), by using my unique link: https://gb.readly.com/curiouslyconscious

After that, it’s just £9.99 per month to subscribe to Readly, and trust me, it’s so worth it! I hope you enjoy the app as much as I do, and can save £££ and paper along the way!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Readly UK. All views and opinions expressed remain my own. *2 months free offer applies to new subscribers only, with membership cancellable at any time, the cost is £9.99 per month after the promotional period.