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family goes blackberry picking - M Loves M @marmar

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Yesterday was probably my favorite day of summer so far. From start to finish it was so special that I hope I never forget it. We were invited to our friend’s property to pick blackberries so we started the day in the dreamiest garden. The blackberries were the most amazing ones I’ve ever had – so perfectly ripe that they basically melted in your mouth.  Then Augustine and I went on a bike ride together, just the two of us, which we have been talking about doing for so long. I haven’t been on a bike in years but it was “just like riding a bike.” For dinner Matthew made the best cowboy burgers ever (loaded with cheese, onion, cilantro, paprika, and garlic) and then I made a blackberry thyme cobbler for dessert.  I was able to sit out on our porch after the children went to bed and enjoy the sunset while eating my dessert. It was such a treat!


I plan to share the meals I made the previous week, with links if possible, as some inspiration for your own menu planning.

MONDAY- Garlic Butter Creamed Corn Chicken– This was really flavorful but did feel a little rich for the summertime. I can’t wait to make it again in a cooler month, and I think frozen corn would still taste great!

TUESDAY- Sheet Pan Jalapeño Pineapple Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Garlic Sauce– This was delicious and so easy! It will definitely be a repeat over here.

WEDNESDAY-  Cauliflower Shawarma with Green Tahini and Fried Halloumi– this came together easily because I had made hummus. We all love halloumi because of how sweet it gets when fried/grilled.

THURSDAY- Ginger Sesame Crusted Salmon Bowls– this was good but we all prefer this salmon bowl more

FRIDAY- Herby Avocado Steak Salad – from this cookbook

SATURDAY- Cowboy Burgers (this recipe but with ground beef) We’ve made this several  times with turkey but we couldn’t believe how much better it was with ground beef.

SUNDAY- Spaghetti Vongole with fresh sourdough and a caprese salad

blackberry dessert idea - M Loves M @marmar strawberry mint mojito - M Loves M @marmara strawberry mint mojito and burgers outside! Long live summer!

cowboy burger night - M Loves M @marmar blackberry thyme cobbler - M Loves M @marmar healthy vegetarian dinner idea - M Loves M @marmar ginger sesame crusted salmon bowl - M Loves M @marmar healthy kid pasta idea- M Loves M @marmarI made a lentil spaghetti for the kids the other day and while they thought something was different, they still ate their whole bowls. Success!


I got a few pieces of clothing from Darling which are so darling. Do you remember their magazines? I was so excited to hear how they’re doing and they have put together a very versatile capsule wardrobe collection. They sent me this tank and this slouch cardigan. I braved the heat and tried both on with my favorite Everlane white jeans (here’s a similar style).

darling clothes - M Loves M @marmar ribbed top with white jeans and cardigan - M Loves M @marmar blue striped top with jean shorts - M Loves M @marmarWith our 90-degree days, shorts outfits feel like a must around here. I’m thankful we haven’t had too many 100-degree days but August is coming!

casual mom summer outfit - M Loves M @marmar


J.Crew– 30% off Wear Now Styles with code SHOPNOW

Abercrombie– 25% off almost everything

Nordstrom– Anniversary Sale is still going strong! Have any of you shopped the sale?


We’re still in the middle of summer but I’m also working on planning our fall schedule. I’m currently reading the book Know and Tell and getting excited for Augustine to start his first year of formal homeschool lessons.  I feel like each year we’ve added to our curriculum from our Teach your Child to Read book, to our Math curriculum and then this year will be History, Geography, Natural History, and more Literature. I’m following Ambleside Online’s program which is modeled after Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education which I have really connected with over the years. Corinna is also going to be doing ballet again and Augustine is going to continue with his music lessons which will make for a fun fall.

For the past 3 Augusts we’ve spent time in San Diego and we’re all missing the salty beach air more than we can admit. I wish we could make a trip out this summer but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Maybe in Fall, but hopefully for sure in winter when we need a break from our cold weather!

blackberry picking in eagle idaho - M Loves M @marmar blackberry bushes - M Loves M @marmar augustine goes blackberry picking - M Loves M @marmar picking ripe blackberries - M Loves M @marmar blackberry picking with kids - M Loves M @marmar blackberry picking with kids in boise - M Loves M @marmar ripe blackberries - M Loves M @marmar summer evenings in boise idaho - M Loves M @marmar evening walks in boise at 9pm - M Loves M @marmar

My evening walks have been so incredible and life-giving! I look forward to this time so much and I’m going to miss them come winter. The two photos right above were taken around 9:15pm if you can believe it. I haven’t really loved our late summer sunsets because it’s hard getting the children to bed, but with them not taking naps, they’re asleep earlier so I have time to sneak out for these walks. I love how much cooler it is and, oh, our beautiful Idaho sunsets are something else!

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead as we say goodbye to July and hello to August!